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Why choose Funbobblehead to make your custom bobblehead

1. Resemblance Guarantee

Our talented artists focus on the resemblance and likeness of the bobblehead and your photos. If you are still not satisfied with the bobblehead we can make changes with your comment until it's good to go.

Super Likeness custom bobblehead
Super Likeness customised bobble head

2. Lifelike Details

We attach great importance to the details beside ensuring the resemblance. Every details like tattoos, logos and sports jersey will be factually sculpted.

bobblehead details

3. High quality materials

We use polymer clay, a type of nontoxic, polychrome and transformable material which can make your bobblehead organic and very alive-looking. You may find some other stores use poly resin for sculpture at cheaper price, however the bobblehead would be of discolourization shortly after sculpture. And the color for polymer clay is original and last forever.

4. Straightforward Pricing

Our pricing is clear and straightforward and there is no covert additional fee for the bobblehead. In addition, all the acceptable accessories like glasses, football and winebottle are totally free so that you play a greater imagination on your bobblehead not restricted by the price.

5. Favourable Customer Service Team

Our customer service representatives are hired for their circumspection, patience and politeness. If you have any question during purchasing, our favourable customer service team will do their best to serve you and assist you with the problem you encounter.

6. On-Time Delivery

We have an efficient shipment department which keep in close touch with celebrated international express company like DHL, UPS, FedEx. And we will arrange your shipping within the time frame you choose. If you need your bobblehead in urgent, there is no problem for us to have your bobblehead sculpted and delivered within 7 business day.

7. Money Back Guarantee

We cherish your reliance on us and our on-line store because you make your payment on our site. Mutual respect and win-win is the ultimate objective of Funbobblehead. It is our responsibility to make the bobblehead you are satisfied. If the bobbehead were broken, we will follow your willingness to refund your money of the order if you return the bobblehead to us.

8. Highly Satisfactory Reviews

Funbobblehead has been providing high-quality products and excellent services for countless individual, teams, corporation and organization through these years. Most of our customers are satisfied with our products and services and we have established a good relationship with some companies and created thousands of custom bobbleheads for them each year. Our customer service team are always doing their best with circumspection, patience and politeness to serve you and assist you with the problem you encounter. Our bobbleheads have been domestic, international multiple fields selected, and favored by the majority of customers, won a good reputation.

custom bobblehead satisfaction
customised bobble head satisfaction