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Return and Refund Policy

1. Order Cancellation

You may cancel your order and get full refund before we begin to proceed with sculpting your bobblehead. Normally customers may request a cancellation of their order within 12 hours from the order placement. If production has already begun, a cancellation fee may apply. For Urgent Plan order (arrive within one week), a cancellation fee may apply no matter when the cancellation be requested as we production immediately after we receive your order.

2. Refund Eligibility

If the production has not begun, normally a full refund would be issued. However once the production has already begun, or the proofs have been sent to you. 50% of cancellation fee of the total order may apply because the custom made bobblehead product is fully personalized as per the customer’s characteristic. Once the order be cancelled, both the material and handicraft would go to waste, and there should be a kind of compensation from the customer for the cancellation of order due to personal reasons of customer.

3. Quality Issues

If the received personalized bobblehead has manufacturing defects or quality problems that are the fault of the company, customers are generally eligible for a full or partial refund, or a replacement for the order.

4. Damage During Shipping

If the bobblehead arrives damaged due to shipping mishandling, we may offer a refund or a replacement.

5. Customer Dissatisfaction

During the process, we send the proofs for customer to ensure 100% satisfaction. We would finally arrange shipment for the order only after we receive the approval for the proofs. However, in rare case, customer would think it is different from the proofs when they see the product. In fact, we would not to change anything after we get the approval of the customer, but move to bake process. This case happens mainly because of the perspective of seeing the finished bobblehead is different from seeing the proof. We may offer a satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to request a refund or modifications if they are not satisfied with the final product. However, this may not always be a full refund, and specific conditions and requirements may apply.

6. Timeliness Principle

For the completed orders, customers must request a refund within 48 hours after receiving the product.

7. Refund Processing Time

The time it takes for the us to process the refund can vary, ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks according to the complexity of particular case.

8. Returns and Exchanges

We accept returns for custom bobbleheads only in the event of manufacturing defects or damages during transit. Customers must notify us within 48 hours of receiving the custom bobblehead to initiate the return process. Return shipping costs will be covered by Funbobblehead.com.au.

Exchanges for custom bobbleheads due to customer dissatisfaction are generally not accepted, as each item is personalized according to the customer's specifications and approved before shipping. If you are completely not satisfied with your urgent order(no proof), it may be exchanged for a replacement or refund within 48 hours from the date of the receipt of your purchase.

It's crucial to carefully read and understand the refund policy of Funbobblehead.com.au when you intend to use before making a purchase. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us via email: service@funbobblehead.com.au.


Super Likeness custom bobblehead
Super Likeness customised bobble head


custom bobblehead satisfaction
customised bobble head satisfaction