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Testimonials From Our Customers

Thank you very much for our amazing bobble heads. We have had so many comments on how good they look and how much they look like us. We have also told many friends where we got them from, so hopefully a few of them contact you in the future.

The service was fantastic. The use of emails made the process nice and smooth and easy. We loved that we were able to see pictures of each stage of the process and that we had input into the design from start to finish. The quality and craftsmanship was outstanding, you have some very talented people on your staff. From our first contact to the finish product arriving at our front door only took just over a month, but seemed to go by so much faster with your regular updates. You were able to work with us to create something that we will treasure for many years to come.

I have attached a photo of Chris holding the bobble head.

Thank you again. I am sure we will place more orders with you in the future.

Emma Saliba Custom bobblehead review from Emma Saliba

Wow! I've just received my bobblehead for my hubby. And I have to say very impressed! My hubby so over the moon and picked it was him straight away. Thank you so much for being patient. I will definitely be in touch soon with new item.
Joey Mcbey Custom bobblehead review from Joey Mcbey

Fantastic service and got in within the 10 days that I paid for. My dad loves it and thinks it's just awesome. Thanks very much. I will definitely buy more bobble heads from you in the future and recommend the site to my friends.
Sheree McLean Custom bobblehead review from Sheree McLean

The bobbleheads are a surprise gift for our groomsmen on the wedding day. The bobbleheads arrived in time. The figures and faces are incredible! All the groomsmen love the bobble heads very much. The moment they opened the gift box, they recognized themselves. LOL... Thanks very much for your patience.
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Dear TEAM…….

They Are AMAZING……. Love them

Ummmmm……………………. How can I say AMAZING so you can hear me from my office……………..

Thank you once again your team of creative constructors are absolutely incredibly talented.


They look fantastic …….SUPER COOL

Thank you so much ……..

Amanda Smyth Custom bobblehead review from Amanda Smyth

Thanks so much for your email. I have been meaning to send you one to say thank you for the bobble head. It was truly amazing and spot on for likeness. In all honesty I thought the service and bobble head were exceptional and I can't thank you enough. It was so amazing! I have attached a photo of my husband with my dad after he received the gift!! Do you keep the photos on file as I was thinking of ordering one for my husband for Father's Day. Is it possible to do a two person bobble head as I would love to get one with my husband and our son as superheroes.
Mel Custom bobblehead review from Mel

Thank you to you and your team. I ordered a bobble head from you and you did a great with it. We are all very pleased with the bobble head. I love unique gift, and this gift will be one of the few that my boy will keep for a lifetime.
Michael Resivo Hilley Custom bobblehead review from Michael Resivo Hilley

I was very impressed with the quality, service and delivery of the product. Didn’t think it would get here til after Christmas and it was here 2 days before!!! I think the pics say it all – thanks again – great!!
JobSue Gunston. Custom bobblehead review from  JobSue Gunston

Thanks for all your hard work on randalls bobble head he was extremely suprised the likeness its uncanny! It arrived Monday 19th. All very pleased!
Natalie Thomas Custom bobblehead review from Natalie Thomas

I purchased a single fully custom made bobble head for my friend but it's a bit rush because her birthday was very soon and time running short. Funbobblehead team did a great job and the bobble head arrived in time. In addition, the quality is very good and I have no fault to the likeness. I will continue to use your company and recommend to others. Thank you very much.
Kelsey Custom bobblehead review from Kelsey

Thank you so much. We were all thrilled with the results and your service; I have already had someone ask for your details to order one, so hopefully you get some business out of it.I have attached a photo, happy if you want to include it on your website. Cheers.
Maureen Irvin Custom bobblehead review from Maureen Irvin

It was better than I imagined, amazing! Looks exactly like him. I have had people who have seen it now also wanting to get one done, and have sent on your website. Couldn't be happier - thanks again!
Karly Joyce Custom bobblehead review from Karly Joyce

I designed a custom bobblehead for my colleague and all went well and she loves it. Big hit in the office ad the looking pretty spot on! Thanks to the team!
Reed Rachel Custom bobblehead review from Reed Rachel

Took a while to present the bobble head to my brother for his 40th but finally gave it to him on the weekend. He love the gift very much and the likeness is very good. Thanks for your team. Now my kids want them. Will probably order in 2016. Thank you again.
Aedan Hewitt Custom bobblehead review from Aedan Hewitt

My husband was extremely happy when he received the bobble head on his birthday party. The likeness is excellent and the doll just look like him. Thanks so much for offering so cute gift for his birthday and the communication with you is very happy and the service team is very polite. I definitely will use your company again.
Anna Johnston Custom bobblehead review from Anna Johnston

Justin love his 14th birthday gift very much. He is a baseball fans so I decide to make a custom bobble head for him in baseball outfit. The likeness is very very very good and both of us satisfied with it. Thank you very much for creating so nice birthday gift!!!
Kirsty Richards Custom bobblehead review from Kirsty Richards

I would like to express my satisfactory deal by attaching my husband holding the bobble head. The bobble head is PERFECT! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for your help. Your service and efficiency is outstanding. My husband's bobble head really looks like him haha... awesome!!!
Mandie Snary Custom bobblehead review from Mandie Snary

I made this Guernsey footy bobblehead as a gift for my son. I am a severe person, but definitely satisfied with the details because it looks great and everyone loved it.
Shane Moore Custom bobblehead review from Shane Moore

Sorry for the delay with sending this through to you but we only just gave the recipient his bobblehead. Please see Below. Glyn received this Bobblehead as he was the highest fundraiser for the YMCA Swimathon this year raising over $7,000! Since he received his bobblehead we have had a few enquiries as to where we got it from and of course we are referring your business to all who ask. We would love to use your services again next year after the 2015 YMCA Swimathon and we ask you to support our business as we are yours.
Michelle Audsley Custom bobblehead review from Michelle Audsley

Just wanted to say a big 'Thank you'. We decided to make a big surprise to Simon - our Manager at his 50th Birthday Party. Through the good communication with Funbobblehead, we would like to design the custom bicycle bobblehead for his birthday cake because he like cycling. The finished bobblehead we received is definitely a surprise and everyone loved "Simon". Simon will treasure his bobblehead for a long time. Thanks for the help and patience and for being able to do it so quickly. Many people were asking where to make the bobblehead and I had recommended Funbobblehead.com.au to them.
Maria Andronicos-Zappia Custom bobblehead review from Simon

I was very happy with the final product and all the service I received from you and your company. I have attached a picture of my son with his bobblehead, which he absolutely loved! Everyone who has seen it has loved it too and said it is a very good likeness of him. I have had a few people ask where I had it done and I have passed on your details so hopefully that will turn into business for you! Thank you again and I will definitely be ordering more bobbleheads in the future.
Cindy Donald Custom bobblehead review from Cindy Donald

Thank the Fun Bobble Head Team.

Thank you so much for all your help in creating this unique, surprise Anniversary gift. You were there from day one to assist me; and nothing was ever too much trouble. From payment assistance, to the design and delivery - I could count on you. I requested adjustments after almost every 'proof' to get the Bobble Heads just right and my requests were never a problem. You were dedicated to perfecting this gift for me. It was clear that your aim was to satisfy my expectations.

My partner was both very impressed and amused with this gift... Exactly the reaction I was looking for. He LOVES it!

My partner works in Motor racing and his lucky number is #47, so it was very special to be able to personalise our Bobble Heads to his career and passion.

The Bobble head takes prize position on our living room bookcase. Every visitor we have had, has been enamoured with it. They instantly recognise the dolls as us (and comment on the extreme likeness). Many of our friends have asked for your website details, commenting that a Fun Bobble Head is the perfect gift for "the person that has everything".

Now I am keen to get our little puppy immortalised as a Bobble Head too :)

I highly recommend the Fun Bobble Head Team. Thanks for everything!

Jessica Custom bobblehead review from Jessica

I want to Thank you and all of the members of your team! Great Job. The bobble heads were well designed, constructed and delivered on time. It was a really big hit at our wedding. I will recommend you guys to anyone and everyone.

Thanks again!

Darrell Grimes Custom bobblehead review from Darrell Grimes

The services and work we're outstanding thank you very much. My son and his new wife absolutely loved the bobble head gift as it is so unique.
Cath McClure Custom bobblehead review from Cath McClure

I made this bobblehead as a gift for my parents and both my Mum and Dad love them very much. The likeness of the bobblehead is incredible and all of us recognize them. Thanks very much.
Susan Ross Custom bobblehead review from Susan Ross

I have received my bobbleheads and they all look great! I gave the bobbleheads to our staff on the 29 Nov at our Christmas dinner as they were Christmas gifts. All our staff love the bobbleheads very much!!
Peta Cussons Custom bobblehead review from Peta Cussons

My apologies for how long it’s taken for me to get these through to you. You should find attached pictures of each of us with the bobble heads that you guys produced and here’s a testimonial;

Jon and the team at Custom Bobble made us some bobble head figures to help celebrate a successful project for one of the developer teams in Best Companies Limited. The order, proof and build process was quick and easy and the end result was great. After opening the bobble heads we found ourselves watching them and laughing for a good long while before wrapping them up to present to the team who found them equally amusing when they got their hands on them. When they made their way into the office everybody wanted one! A great, unique novelty gift for a job well done - well recommended!

Alan Kell Custom bobblehead review from Alan Kell

I have attached a few photos from our day with the bobbleheads. Everyone who received one thought they were great and are very pleased with how much they resemble themselves.

Appreciate the level of detail you guys go to. We were extremely happy with the service and quality of the bobblehead.The bobbleheads are fab and fantastic to receive them early too. I will definitely be recommending your service.

Natalie Myers Custom bobblehead review from Natalie Myers

Top Quality of Our Bobbleheads

We use polymer clay, a type of nontoxic, polychrome and transformable material which can make your bobble head very colorful and alive-looking. Most important of all, the colour of our bobble head won't fade away and rub off. Many other supplier use cheap poly resin to make the bobblehead, and they paint it head-to-toe, which make it very crude. You can find the advantages of our products by the following details. Our versatile artist pays attention to each detail and you can find its reality verisimilitude.

custom bobblehead details