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Understand how we processing the creation

To understand the whole production process for the bobblehead would be necessary and important.

In order to insure the efficiency and sustainability, we would like to dispel misunderstanding for both of us by doing our best to let you know how we processing the creation of your bobblehead. There are approximately three steps to figure that out.

1. Verify your order.

After placing an order on our website, you will receive an email for the order confirmation. Our customer service team will get involved and check the detail for your order. If the information you supply during purchasing is good with completeness, then we will hand it to our sculptor and get the ball rolling. Otherwise you will receive an email for additional information. For example, if you supply with us the photo that you would like the bobblehead to look likes is not distinct enough, then our customer service representative will ask for a distinct photo by sending you an email.

2. Manufacture & verification

Once our sculptors got their assignments, they will carefully check the request for the bobblehead and every detail would be figure out. Then they begin to sculpture with their professional skills and aesthetical standard.

* Features verification

Their priority is to guarantee the likeness of bobblehead's features and your photo. So when they complete the sculpture of the face, we will take a photo of it and send to you the proof via email for confirmation and approval for next step. However each of us have different views and requirements and the first proof may not be approved. If you think it inconformity for the features and your photo, we will convey your proposal to our sculptors and they will make the appropriate adjustments and amendment. This step will repeat again until we get the final approval. If the face of the bobblehead is good to go, our artist will bake to have it hardened and fixed.

* Entire head verification

In this step, we need to add hair to the hardened face. Some customers would like to replace the hair with a hat or a crown. After accomplishment, the proof would be send again like previously state. We will bake the head again to make sure it's constant and can not be deformed. Up to now, the entire production for the head of the bobblehead has been completed.

* Body model verification

At this moment, the bobblehead seems to be almost finished because our talented sculptors has already complete the crucial steps that previously mentioned. It would be much more easier to process the bobblehead in future work. Empirically speaking, few customer proposed modification for the proof of the body model.

3. Assembling, packing and shipping.

After your approval for the features, head and body model, the head is mounted on the body. Up to now, we complete the creation of your bobblehead and will be triple-checked, packed, boxed and shipped to your door.

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