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custom bobblehead detailsTeam

We have been making custom bobblehead since 2004. Now we are a big family combined by talented sculptors, artists, intelligent IT elites and excellent online customer service representatives. Funbobblehead.Com.Au is the most influential in the custom bobblehead industry not only in Australia but also in the world. People in this country even the world make unique personalized bobble head which be applied to gift, souvenir, collection, artwork, wedding decoration, etc. If you would like to make customised bobblehead, personalised cake topper, 3D figurine and anything about sculpture, we are passionate to get the ball rolling and make the desirable products for you. In any case you want to the bobblehead to do, for personal collection, gift or team and employee award, we can meet the need of you. We have been successfully sculpted thousands of custom bobbleheads for our customers.

custom bobblehead team
custom bobblehead detailsHistory

Stretch back to the creation of the first custom bobbleheads in 2004, you can see the initiation of Funbobblehead.

2004: The first creation was used to be a wedding gift, which gained popularity for its divertingness and freshness. From then on, Funbobblehead obtain further progress.

2005: Most of the sculptures were ordered by brides shop and cake shop as giveaway.

2006: The workshop began to sculpture little figurine with a kind of mysterious materials - polymer clay.

2007: More artists joined due to over-demand of the sculptures.

2010: Overall orders for custom bobbleheads and cake toppers up to 50,000 pcs in this year.

2011: Customer could place order directly through Funbobblehead's website , it's insanely simple to make a custom bobble head online.

2012: IT department and remote customer service team established.

2013: Reached agreement with overseas cooperative partner and constantly establish oversea workshops.

2018: Overall orders for custom bobbleheads and cake toppers up to 100,000 pcs.

2021: Custom bobbleheads as unique gift sold more than 200,000 pcs

custom bobblehead detailsValue

As mission for us is to “make the bobblehead full of fun”, that is the reason why we named Funbobblehead.

We’re committed to you… our customers. All the bobblehead are 100% hand-sculpted. In addition, our sculptors are hired because of their superb skill and high standard, so please be assured that the bobblehead's quality and likeness is the best in this industry. If you wish to make the unique, funny bobblehead, we are the best choice for you.

To support this, Funbobblehead have committed to five values. They are the soul of us and we implement that in our daily work.

Putting customers first
Understand our customers’ needs before and after purchasing and deliver the best solutions.

Being professional
Our sculptors are hired because of their professional skill. We are accountable to our customers by suppling the best custom bobblehead.

Celerity communication
We are here to answer your question, you can contact us by shooting us with an email or giving us a call, we will give you an satisfied reply.

Acting with integrity
All of our personalised bobbleheads are 100% hand-sculptered and of premium quality.

Satisfaction guarantee
We’re committed to your stringent specification. Ensure the likeness of the bobblehead and the photos you supply.